Getting Philatelic Gems to the Long-Awaited World Stamp Show in New York City

每隔十年. A quarter million visitors. Rarities smaller than the face of your smartwatch and worth millions of dollars. The World Stamp Show 2016 recently drew excited collectors and crowds to New York City where 200 dealers and postal administrators displayed the most coveted American and international 邮票s. But given their small size and big value, these 邮票s are frequently shipped by air or hand-carried in order to arrive at the 邮票 exhibitions securely and on time. Navigating the Customs clearances for these precious parcels of 邮票s coming from countries like Canada and Croatia, Iceland and England, required the expertise of 亚搏手机在线登录 (Phoenix International Business Logistics), the Official Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker for this year's World Stamp Show in New York.

With shipments that totaled in the millions of dollars, 亚搏手机在线登录 managed the complex Customs clearance process for many of the exhibitors at this 邮票 show, ensuring that the proper documentation was submitted to the authorities three or more weeks in advance of travel. Brokers then met the flights to help ensure timely clearances. 这个节目, which lasted eight days, was attended by international collectors of 邮票s and also by the general public. Delays in Customs clearance could mean missing this highly-anticipated forum to present the most intriguing philatelic gems of the world.

This year's World Stamp Show received extensive media attention as one "Jenny" air mail 邮票, with an inverted aircraft image printed in 1918, fetched more than $1.35 million at the show's auction - a record result for any U.S. 邮票. Another 邮票 in that sheet of 100 error 邮票s was returned to the American Philatelic Research Library under FBI jurisdiction at the show, after it was stolen from a convention more than 60 years ago.

The exhibition also included John Lennon's 邮票 album loaned from the Smithsonian, hard-to-find collectibles from the U.S. Post Office, along with the extensive collections of rarities from the world's most notable dealers. 在过去的几年里, known collectors and connoisseurs of 邮票s have included President Franklin Roosevelt, financial icon Warren Buffet, 詹姆斯·厄尔·琼斯, 莎拉波娃, Freddy Mercury and Ron Wood among others, according to the American Philatelic Society.

菲尔·霍布森, 总统亚搏手机在线登录, who founded the company more than 20 years ago, 说, "Providing Customs clearance expertise to this exhibitor community was a challenge that our company embraced. Each of the shipments represented extremely high value and involved handling what can be a very cumbersome clearance process for objects with that level of rarity and worth. 亚搏手机在线登录 has a track record of reliability, as we combine our expertise in Customs regulations and document filing with state-of-the-art systems to increase efficiencies and expedite clearances. We're very honored to have been selected as the World Stamp Show's Official Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker for the first time."

亚搏手机在线登录, based in Elizabeth, N.J.是一家持牌的美国公司.S. Customs broker and international freight forwarder that offers customized shipping solutions through its offices in New Jersey, Chicago and Las Vegas. From the common to the colossal, 亚搏手机在线登录 has tackled the transport logistics for a wide range of objects and exhibits, including a life-size Dutch windmill, military tanks and 10,000 yoga mats for the world's largest yoga session. 亚搏手机在线登录 is a world-class provider of transportation services for trade fairs, competitions and events, and acts as the appointed freight forwarder and Customs broker for approximately 50 international and domestic trade shows annually, some of which rank among the country's largest freight shows.